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Reduce the Complexity and Cost of Safety Training and Workplace Safety

Conducting business in today’s market comes with many challenges associated with an employee workforce. Small business and corporate employers alike must administrate many employee-related issues:

• Workplace safety
• Worker compensation administration
• Claim management
• WSIB / OSHA workplace safety regulations & training
• Union issues and labor management

The accumulative management of these issues can be a daunting, costly, and time-consuming task.

The List Goes On…

Compliance with WSIB and OSHA regulations for workplace safety and injury prevention training must be met, and other labor issues addressed. Many large corporate employers designate entire departments and staff for the sole purpose of administering all worker compensation insurance premium, claims, and compliance issues.

Business employers in North America and the United Kingdom spend millions of dollars annually to administer these complex, highly regulated requirements. Then there is the added burden of fines and penalties assessed for compliance violations.

APCM to the Rescue

Advantage Prevention and Claims Management (APCM) complies with today’s stringent occupational health and safety regulations, and offer sensible, up-to-date, cost-effective solutions for administering each of these complex issues.

APCM is the leader in consultation services; evaluating individual employer needs, and then administering the appropriate training programs, procedures, and policies to maximize bottom-line profitability.

On-site and On-line APCM Safety Training

APCM accomplishes this through a diverse offering of on-site or on-line safety training programs. Courses cover topics such as OSHA regulation, WHMIS, HAZMAT (hazardous materials), general construction, tool safety, protective clothing and equipment, electrical safety, safe food handling, and dozens of other topics.

APCM offers a selection of high quality WSIB and OSHA approved safety products. Their staff of expert safety training and workmens compensation professionals can administer any size program. By quickly and efficiently providing these products and services, APCM can save businesses valuable time and money.

Furthermore, business worker compensation costs are reduced by compliance of safety regulations; incidents of on-the-job injury and employee time off are reduced, promoting increased productivity. Each of these factors lead to increased bottom-line profitability.

APCM’s Extended Services

Should an injury occur, APCM claim management efficiently handles every step of the claim process, from start to finish. APCM programs meet all medical requirements; such as examination, and treatment and evaluation by worker compensation or WSIB approved medical professionals.

APCM medical management professionals complete, file, and track all forms and requirements; closely monitoring each employee’s progress, including timetables for a safe return to work.

All WSIB clients serviced by APCM are currently in full rebate. When enlisting the services of APCM, employers will be in full rebate within 1 year of implementation. In the last 10 years, APCM has saved employers over $25,000,000 in reduced worker compensation premiums, and penalties and fines incurred from non-compliance violations.

It just makes sound business sense to enlist the many services and products offered by APCM, and start reducing costs and increasing your bottom line profits. Give yourself and your employees a gift; just call: 905.891.3474 or e-mail APCM today!

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