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Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 9:01:36 AM


Well with everyone talking about the environment and going green, Governments passing laws by charging deposits on bottles of beer, wine and other drinks, and everyone agreeing its great, reducing the amounts of waste to be collected, and I think the same, we should reduce waste and recycle.

Just as we all agree that charging deposits on bottles and cans - guess what? THE BOTTLERS AND CAN MANUFACTURERS WANT NO PART OF THIS WORK. THIS IS WHAT THEY DECIDED WHEN WE WERE ALL ASLEEP AT THE SWITCHBOARD, WE ELECT GOVERNMENTS BUT WE STILL HAVE NO SAY. They allow businesses to change the ground rules after they pass new laws.

Now here is what has happened? Have you been out to buy beer or wine lately? If you have it sure looks different, it is not in bottles or cans. Do you know what they are using after all the talk of going green? Well I will tell you, bottlers and can manufacturers have moved on to create a new waste problem for our environment “Paper cartons” to sell beer and wine in and this is just two items, what does this mean to all of us? We again have to start recycling in our blue and gray boxes, just when I thought we have found a way to make manufacturers and bottlers pay to manage their own created waste, but we are back to doing it for them again, and guess who will pay for it – YOU WILL, and not those who make it.

Is it not time for all of us not to buy this environmental hazardous waste and force the bottlers and manufacturers to return to being good environmentalists? This may seem like a long story but I feel it must be told. We find a good waste recycle by charging a deposit and some one says we are not doing that, LET THEM RECYCLE AT THEIR EXPENSE, NOT ME, I WILL MAKE LOTS OF NOISE ABOUT THIS ISSUE. I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU.