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New Rules Support Workers
Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 10:35:05 AM

The new rules support workers more in our opinion than the employers:

It can now take up to 3-4 days and longer to receive a return call from Claim Adjudicators.

The Return to Work Specialist are being sent out to work places
without any information about the workers medical condition – no FAF – no return to work offer of modified duties letter sent to the worker and Claims Adjudicators – they come to workplaces and say “well what do we have here”?

Claim Adjudicators do not request the availability of the parties such as time and date for the meeting, the Return to Work Specialist will call , I am coming on ( gives date and time), no doctor information about the claim, having to ask the worker to go and get more information. In the mean time the worker stays on modified work, costing the employer while the company waits for the worker to bring the new information. The Claims Adjudicator has the latest medical in the WSIB office.

All we hear from Return to Work Specialists is they are sent all over the place without information, and not given any time to go get medical information before showing up at the employers door.

After the last two Return to Work Specialists meetings which I, the writer was involved in, the worker was still finding ways of not following rules that were agreed to by all parties, and in one case we sent out an investigator to do surveillance and found the worker who could not drive to work, was supplied a taxi, but was seen driving all over the area. When will WSIB get it? 35% of claimed injuries are fraudulent and employers pay while WSIB looks on.