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APCM Welcomes Philip James Hennessy
Wednesday, June 20, 2007 at 3:23:53 PM

Advantage Prevention Claims Management is pleased to announce that Philip James Hennessy is now managing our British Columbia offices. Phillip would be happy to visit any of your locations in Vancouver to offer our Consulting Services in both the Managing of Workers Compensation and Workers Claims, as well as our Occupational Health and Safety On-Line Training Courses. Within the next week we will announce the office telephone number, fax number and Philip's e-mail address.

For now, all communication with Philip can be made by calling 905.891.3474 and by e-mail at

Friday, June 15, 2007 at 11:13:00 AM


Advantage Prevention Claims Management – APCM for short, provides a full range of Occupational Health & Safety On-Line Training Courses ensuring compliance to the staffing industry – the courses meet and exceed regulatory requirements across Canada – U.S.A. and Europe. On-Line allows the staffing industry to train in advance of sending workers out to the job site – it allows for a pool of trained workers ready to meet the needs of the staffing industry – 80% lower costs per person than On-Site Health & Safety Training.

APCM provides on-line training courses world wide. We are the worlds largest on-line training company – no other training company meets the quality of service 24/7 offered by APCM in partnership with 360 Training.

Call 905-891-3474 or e-mail

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 11:46:15 AM

Today’s Business world requires Company’s like yours to comply with many Government Acts and Regulations that are very costly if not managed properly on a day to day basis, resulting in surcharges and/or fines in some cases reducing both productivity and bottom line profit.

Advantage was created to provide managing and consulting services with smart solutions increasing company sales, productivity and profits

We have been servicing our clients in Canada, USA and Ireland for over 20 years with our Professional Team, focusing on the following services:

►Health/Safety Management – through our Occupational Prevention Programs and Training

►On-Site Occupational Health/Safety Training

►Check our Website for Full Range of On-Line E-Learning Courses – Occupational – Industrial – Construction - Transportation - Staffing

►Medical Management of Injured workers – both WSIB/WCB

►Worker’s Compensation Claims Management – Reducing costs, surcharge, Fines and Appeals, our Website – will provide more information

►Worker’s Compensation and Insurance Abuse/Fraud Investigation Services which will reduce Worker’s Abuse

Advantage Prevention Claims Management provides our clients with the “Due Diligence” necessary to avoid Occupational Health & Safety violations, and WSIB, WCB compliance. APCM is the “Out Sourcing Firm” that will “Cost Effectively” improve your company’s bottom line and reduce the company’s risk to penalties on conviction for non-compliance.