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APCM’s five pronged health and safety approach will reduce injuries in the workplace by 90% in the first year of providing policies, programs and training sessions, which in turn produce higher profits and WSIB/WCB rebates that will fall to your bottom line.

All our clients are today in full rebate with WSIB/WCB.
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APCM's Occupational Health & Safety professional staff will be a key factor in the prevention and control of injury and loss associated with Workplace Safety. Current laws and regulations have put the onus on employers to provide their workers with a safe work environment. We can provide all the following training programs and procedures to reduce recordable incidents at your location:

Employee Involvement, Health and Safety Training - APCM On-line Occupational Health and Safety Courses 24/7 to meet and exceed requirements. Also available at your worksite; industrial and construction – 75% pass mark will allow the person to print certification certificate. Wallet cards are available upon request.

Occupational Health and Safety Program and Procedure Training - APCM Health and Safety Program and Procedures – Audit Training – APCM will carry monthly onsite industrial and construction health and safety inspections

• Prevention of Injuries through Hazard/Job Analysis/Job Task Analysis Training - Available on-line 24/7 as well as onsite for industrial and construction

• Health and Safety Committees Trained to Act as Champains - JHSC Terms of Reference On-line E-Learning Courses available 24/7; Industrial and construction onsite training is also available

• System Assessment of Compliance and Safety Behaviour -
APCM will carry out onsite behaviour and culture audits to ensure the program is accepted by management and employees
APCM provides it's clients with a full range of Occupational Health and Safety Training Programs which meet world standards:

APCM's review is conducted by visiting your locations and interviewing key management and supervisory staff, to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the current management of your Health & Safety programs. An action plan will be provided to meet, or exceed all existing health & safety regulations in order to ensure 'due diligence' and to maximize your CSST, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board cost and reduce employee injury.

Please Note: Since we provide our services across Canada, USA, & Ireland, we use the term "W.C.B." throughout our text. Please Note: Items followed by * indicate an additional cost.