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APCM is your corporate choice, as it is for many Canadian, American, and Irish Clients. We provide consulting services in many diverse business sectors.

APCM will not only solve problems such as Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance issues, but will also be proactive in all areas of both Risk Management and Loss Prevention.

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In 1989, Advantage Prevention & Claims Management was started to provide a full range of consulting services in response to sky rocketing Workers' Compensation, Short Term and Long Term Insurance Disability costs, as well as new regulatory compliances for Health and Safety in workplaces in Canada, USA and Ireland with prescriptive laws and fines, jail time, or both, for non-compliance in every type of business. These changes have made it necessary for officers, Directors, General Management and Supervisors to spend more time dealing with health and safety concerns and not on the sales and marketing, with increased overhead cost.

Any Corporate client with over eight million dollars in revenue or over 35 employees requires a Corporate Loss Prevention Manager just as they require Corporate Lawyers and Auditors. However, few corporations are able to justify the costs to maintain such departments. As an APCM Corporate Client, you are able to meet all your Corporate Due Diligence needs cost effectively while producing profit and increasing share value.

With the introduction of our new and advanced Health and Safety Claims Management Practices, Advantage Prevention & Claims Management Inc. has revolutionized the consulting business. These time tested plans and strategies have been successfully implemented for over ten years. During this time, we have added $25,000,000 to our clients' bottom line.

APCM is very proud of the long standing relationships we have with our clients, from large corporations to small and mid-sized companies, including hospitals and governments in Canada, Ireland, England and the USA for well over ten years. Our name, Advantage Prevention & Claims Management Inc., has stood for integrity, professionalism and expertise with a strong commitment to excellence in whatever we undertake for your Company.

APCM's Year 2000 and Beyond Strategic Plan will provide our clients with a Business Plan which is designed to reduce cost, increase growth and increase profit.

Advantage Prevention Claims Management will improve your occupational Health & Safety performance and reduce your cost of Workers' Compensation and Insurance, through the following five strategic goals:

• We will demonstrate our commitment to Education and Incentives
• We will ensure our Medical Management Access will encourage and motivate Employees to return to work.
• We will ensure your premiums for Workers' Compensation are the lowest for your business by following our 'Business Plan'
• We will ensure that your Insurance Coverage is in keeping with costs in your Business Sectors
• We will listen, understand, and respond to all our Clients' needs with a simplified 'Business Plan' to manage your Occupational Health, Safety, Workers' Compensation and Insurance programs as outlined in our website - your future is our future!

Today, we are number one in Canada and the USA and proud to be the leading provider of these consulting services worldwide. Our approach is to ensure that each client is not served by only one person, but will have wide support, resources, and expertise from all our staff, providing your Company with cost effective consulting services and ensuring compliance at all levels of operation.

Agriculture - Auto Industry/Dealership - Bakeries - Banking - Chemical - Childcare Services - Computer - Construction - Crane Industry - Distribution - 

Door & Window Industry - Dock Leveler/Overhead Doors - Financial - Fishing Industry - Flour Mills - Forklift Industry - Freezer Manufacturing - Health Care -

Hospitals - Hydro Companies - Insurance Industry - Internet Services & Software - Juice Producers/Bottling - Landscaping Industry - Ladder Manufacturing -

Lawyers - Management Consulting - Manufacturing - Marinas - Motorcycle Industry - Municipal Government - Paper Industry - Plastic Manufacturers -

Property Management - Radio Stations - Retail  - School Boards -School Books Industry - Security Services - Service Industry - Steel Industry - Subcontractor -

Surveillance Industry - Temporary Agencies - Tourism Industry - Trucking/Warehouse Temporary Activities - TV Industry - Waste Recycling - Textile Industry  -

Warehouse Storage

Advantage Prevention & Claims Management Inc. will provide you with this in the form of onsite/online training sessions, communication programs, complete reference and procedural manuals custom designed to your company's needs and locations. We will provide training for both your managerial staff and employees to help with the implementation of managing our process from start to finish at your location. As an industry leader in prevention & claims management, we host seminars throughout the year to help employers stay abreast of the current trends.

A professional Health, Safety, Prevention Policy Program and Procedures start from the date of hire ...does yours? 

Please Note: Since we provide our services across Canada, USA, & Ireland, we use the term "W.C.B." throughout our text. Please Note: Items followed by * indicate an additional cost.