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Law Office Paralegal - With 20 years of experience

Hiring a Paralegal in a Workers Compensation Case is not a requirement but it is difficult to handle Workers Compensation cases on your own.

WSIB will hire trained Adjudicators so it would be wise to have someone protecting your rights. You should always seriously consider hiring a Paralegal with knowledge and professional experience for your Workers Compensation matters if:

  • Your WSIB performance index is over 1.0
  • If WSIB denies your Appeal let us take the case to the WSIB Tribunal.
  • If you need to take your WSIB case to the WSIB Tribunal, let us get the results you need.
  • When WSIB/WCB tells you the worker will not return to his job or refuses modified work within his/her known medical restrictions, let us investigate the reasons.
  • If you are working with WSIB/WCB Integration Services, let the knowledgeable and the experienced handle the file.

Our services in this area:

  • We can represent you in your WSIB/WCB matters
  • We can mediate a Settlement for you
  • We can provide you with sound practical advice to deal with the WSIB Adjudicator
  • We can Appeal WSIB/WCB Decisions by Adjudicators
  • We can Appeal to the WSIB/WCB Tribunals

Let a proven record of success work for you and reduce WSIB costs and reduce injuries. Our office has the knowledge and experience to win for you. We understand the Law related to WSIB Operational Policies and WSIB Act and Regulations.

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June 21, 2007

  • MOL amendments to noise level exposure limits - have your workplace tested - APCM can do it for you.
  • Back Injury Safety - back injury can cost $40,000.00 - $60,000.00 - Ask about our online training.
  • Conveyor Guarding will reduce hand injuries - call us - we have the course.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Inspection of Steel Storage Racking will reduce injury - take our On-Line Workplace Inspection course.
  • APCM - workplace violence in the summer months increases by approximately 30% - ask about APCM course.
  • New MOL - ergonomic requirements for industrial workplaces and non-industrial workplaces - APCM has the on-line courses.
  • APCM - effective July 3rd, 2007: available on-line Certification Part #1 and #2 - course will take nine hours to complete - our system is a bookmark system which allows workers to take breaks - lunch - dinner and return to continue the course without losing their place.

Call 905.891.3474 or e-mail for more information.

APCM has all the web - based training courses available 24/7 - check out one of our sample demo courses at no cost.

June 15, 2007

Advantage Prevention Claims Management 

APCM is pleased to announce that Philip James Hennessy is now managing our British Columbia offices. Philip would be happy to visit any of your locations in Vancouver to offer our Consulting Services in both the Managing of Workers' Compensation and Worker Claims, as well as our Occupational Health & Safety On-Line Training Courses. Within the next week we will announce the office telephone number, fax number and Philip's e-mail address. 
For now, all communication with Philip can be made by calling 905.891.3474 and by e-mail at

April 2007


At the July 1st, 2007, noise exposure limits for Industrial workers will drop from 90 dBA for eight-hour period to a time-weighted average of 85 dBa.

  • Ontario Government - completes it's hiring of new occupational health and safety inspectors.
  • Ontario moves to improve fairness of government contracts.
  • Ontario changes will strengthen exposure limits for hazardous chemicals.
  • Ontario' s minimum wage to increase to $10.25 over three years.
  • Ontario introduces reforms to help injured worker measures introduced in budget would increase benefits.
  • Nail Guns Training will reduce workplace and home injuries
  • Ontario is working to reduce workplace pains and strains - New Musculoskeletal disorder prevention guidelines to reduce workplace injuries.
  • Ontario has new high-risk program in place to reduce injuries - minimum four visits per year.
  • Ontario government focuses on employment staffing and temporary agencies - agencies are required to provide health & safety training before sending workers out to clients.


B.C. and Alberta - Working together to create standards that will work for both provinces in Health, Safety and Employment opportunities.

  • Crane Certification will reduce the risk of injury.
  • Ladder Safety Program for home renovators
  • B.C. announces penalty as a result of a New Westminster Sawmill death of $297,000 and a $ 47,120.80 Levy.
  • B.C. 2006 penalty repost imposed more than 1.5 million in penalties against 74 employers for Health/Safety violations.

March 2007

What are Canadians doing about high gas prices

What are Canadians doing about high gas prices - the cost of a barrel on the world market has dropped below $60.00 - and yet we are paying $100.07 to $104.80 per litre for gas - step up to the plate and make some noise with your  MPP , send letters, e-mails, faxes and call.

Ask APCM for a free review of your WSIB/WCB Accident Cost Statements - NEER - CAD-7 - map as time goes on a WSIB/WCB claim so will cost keep going up?

Call or e-mail APCM to ask about our Claims Management Administration process - it will reduce your Workers' Compensation costs.

APCM provides all its' services across Canada. Request a quote online. We answer all requests within 48 hours - 7 days a week.

Click on our  Corporate Training button and check out just a few of our clients who use our services from Accident Prevention - On-line Health and Safety Training - Workers' Compensation Services.

Government acts and regulations that employers must follow are now much more complicated and require the services offered by APCM to ensure compliance to reduce your risk of fines, surcharges and penalties - call 905-891-3474 - e-mail

APCM offers many of it' s online Construction Health and Safety Training Courses in  Spanish

Do you have an ergonomic or MSD prevention program - are you aware of the MOL' s current focus on ergonomic prevention MSD injuries - send your answers to for the answer  yes and for the answer  no e-mail

Reduce the risk of food infection in restaurants,  hospitals, hotels, and in the workplace by taking one of our online Food Safety Handling training courses.

January 2007 and jointly have signed agreement to launch Occupational Health and Safety Compliance E-Learning Courses. the premier on-line marketplace for safety products, safety on-line training and Workers' Compensation, services today' s partnering and our worldwide audiences are seeking on-line Demand Safety and Compliance courses including Occupational Health and Safety training in all sectors of industry, construction, food industry and driver safety training.

This partnering with and will help develop customized programs that address today's Safety Compliance related on-line training. APCM is pleased to have partnered with an industry leader and world renowned brand and domain name for the industrial manufacturers - with on-line learning products featured by both companies.

360 Training is a market leading provider of Occupational Health & Safety Compliance and Workforce E-Learning Solutions serving worldwide organizations. APCM and 360 Training will successfully design, deliver and manage accredited E-Learning programs proven to help improve profitability, productivity and compliance.

APCM and 360 Training partnering is also your partner in web-based training and compliance solutions - one of our products that will help control your compliance costs would be to purchase our K server management systems.

APCM and 360 Training delivers integrated E-Learning Solutions used by leading associations, corporations and schools.

For more information, visit

John Hennessy

November 2006

Winter is here in Canada - to reduce risk of injury to your employees ensure you do the following - remove snow and ice from steps - pathways - sidewalks - parking lots - fire exits - ensure employee' s working outside are properly protected - we at APCM have the programs to protect your Company - call or e-mail.

Did you check to see that the following are working properly - heater - make-up air systems - lighting and snow removal equipment is in working order. Call or e-mail for more information.

Ensure all contractors and sub-contractors are properly covered by WSIB in Ontario and by WCB in the rest of Canada - failure to ensure both have proper coverage and one of their employee' s are injured, you will pick up the cost - call or e-mail for more information.
Visit our website for on-line e-learning courses - it will reduce your Occupational Health & Safety cost by more than 70% - and most important you can book mark your session while having lunch or are taking care of business - 24/7 - these courses ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements in the world - we are a world leader in on-line e-learning courses - click on Corporate Training on our website and see just a few of our clients who have taken advantage of reduced training costs and are in full compliance. Just provide a P.O. number and/or use your credit card and be on-line in minutes.
This is the year of big changes to your CAD-7 statement WSIB - frequency is now the issue and eight days is the magic number in return to work for injured workers - call or e-mail for more information.
Pandemic influenza - we have a program to protect you in your part of the world - we have information and the proper response on outbreaks - questions like - what is it - how does it spread - what is the connection between bird flu, human flu and pandemic flu - call or e-mail for more information.
Check out on-line our e-learning courses - Canada safety - industrial skills - construction - general industry - outreach - hazardous waste - defensive driving - human resources - food safety manager certification - HACCP - food handler' s safety - food safety manager - we deliver on-line courses worldwide - it' s 24/7 - made - fast - accurate - easy anywhere, anytime - call - write or e-mail
APCM starting Nov. 30, 2006 will offer all of its services on-line reducing costs by 60% across the board on-line allowing small - medium - and large companies the opportunities to reduce their managing costs of occupational health and safety - workers compensation - WSIB - WCB

August 2006

WSIB annual maximum earning ceiling are increased in 2007 by 3% from $69,700.00 to $71,800.00 for all employees. This means your overhead business cost has increased over 2006 by 3%. This is a large increase in the business world. Call or email, we can help reduce your costs.
WSIB states in their letter to clients:

The aggregate premium rate at $2.00 dollars per $100.00 dollars is unchanged from 2006 aggregate rate. However, if you review all the rate groups you will find that 29% of the total rate groups have in fact received increases anywhere from 3.93% to 6.36% per $100.00 of payroll over 2006. As of writing this news scroll, clients do not know what their overhead costs will be in 2007.

This is the time of year when outside in your garden or at work outside, be aware of the following insect bites and what to do - call Advantage Prevention Claims Management - bees, wasps, spiders, scorpions, hornets and mosquitoes, usually attack when in danger. Working and camping- watch out for moose, they will attack and can be very aggressive - working and camping in the north is bear country. Be aware, bear attacks can happen as fast as you can say bear - for more information on any of this news scroll, call or email us at

For all your Occupational Health and Safety needs Advantage Prevention Claims Management is your provider on On-line training at your location in Canada. Advantage Prevention Claims Management offers On-Line Training Courses World Wide - Courses. We meet and exceed all requirements.

Need support with WSIB/WCB Claims Management - Appeals - Tribunal Appeals - Revenue Audits and Workwell Audits - call 905-891-3474 - or - e-mail

Employers can reduce WSIB/WCB costs by providing proper Health and Safety training and by doing so reduce the number and cost of injuries - accidents happen when employee' s have not been properly instructed and informed how to work safely.

Olympic Games in British Columbia are creating many construction projects and workers, if not properly trained in Occupational Health and Safety will be injured. Now is the time to start construction training whether they are Construction Trade Courses or Health and Safety - Advantage Prevention Claims Management can provide your workers needs - go to our website and check it. No one has what Advantage Prevention Claims Management has available on-line in training courses. Check out one of our sample courses.

The future is here today with On-Line Health and Safety Courses - Workers, Managers and Supervisors must receive minimum 75% pass mark before the certificate is issued. This is the Construction Industries opportunity to reduce the risk of injury to workers and property damage. Construction employers are required by law to train their workers. Take advantage of training on-line. Call 905-891-3474 or e-mail