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WSIB/WCB and Benefit Insurance Claims Management Consulting Advocacy Services.

APCM has the policies, procedures and programs that will result in your Company being in a rebate position after one year of our managing your claims. As a client, your Company will be able to interact online with your WSIB/WCB and insurance files weekly, allowing you to see the progress of your files and reporting. APCM can also manage your WSIB/WCB revenue issues, reducing fines and additional costs. Should you like to manage these services, purchase any of the claims administration documents listed on this page and you will have started the process. However, should you want to purchase our services, contact us at 905-891-3474 or e-mail

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Claims Management & Workers' Compensation

We are the source to your solutions, and no consulting firm can beat our costs and/or services.

Shortly, your company will be able to link to our site and review company WSIB, WCB and insurance costs.

APCM’s Claims Management Professionals will reduce your Workers' Compensation costs. We know that after twenty-five years of experience, no one knows it better. We will manage a claim from the first day to finish.

We can provide an onsite or offsite full administration service program that will control all your WSIB, WCB, Insurance Benefits and Health Care costs. You can go about the business of managing your company, while we do our job of controlling the day to day business of managing Workers' Compensation costs whether in Canada, Ireland, England or the U.S. We will reduce the risk and your exposure to cost.

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New Hire Medical Investigation Report
Retail $135.00
CWC02 Drug Testing – APCM will provide cost on request
Hourly $0.00
Medical Evaluation for Food Industry
Retail $250.00
Employer/Employee Obligations /100
Retail $50.00
Reporting Injuries – Forms / 100
Retail $50.00
Accident Investigation Report Forms / 100
Retail $50.00
CWC07 Medical Reports to Workers Compensation
Hourly $75.00
CWC08 Copy Workers Compensation Board
Hourly $75.00
CWC09 Employee Interviews
Hourly $65.00
Early and Safe Return to Work Programs
Retail $178.00

   DISPLAYING 1 - 10 of 51

Advantage Prevention & Claims Management will provide you with this in the form of onsite/online training sessions, communication programs, complete reference and procedural manuals custom designed to your company’s needs and locations. We will provide training for both your managerial staff and employees to help with the implementation of managing our process from start to finish in your location. As an industry leader in prevention & claims management, we host seminars throughout the year to help employers stay abreast of the current trends. Contact our office for more information.

Please Note: Since we provide our services across Canada, USA and Ireland, we use the term “W.C.B.” throughout our text. Please Note: Items followed by * indicate an additional cost.