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Today's industrial trades come with complicated governmental workplace safety regulations and training guidelines. Online safety training through APCM provides an excellent solution to rising training costs and compliance issues.

Continuing to offer weekend training onsite at your workplace - Scissor Lift, Forklift, WHMIS 2015, PPE with Respirator Fit Testing, Lockout & Machine Guarding and more. Rates that will not be beat!
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Advantage Prevention and Claims Services

APCM offers Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses On-Line. Just Click "Canada Safety" - as well as Injury Prevention Training Courses “On-Site Training” and “On-Line Training” including programs as part of the overall Claims Management Administration Process. Providing superior Workplace Safety Training and Injury Prevention Training that complies with regulations reduces Workers' Compensation premiums, reduces injuries, and increases production and bottom-line profitability.

APCM trains both management and staff in efficient, prompt, implementation of any size program from start to finish, and hosts seminars throughout the year to help keep employers informed of current trends.

Our services in this area:
  1. We can represent you in your WSIB/WCB matters.
  2. We can mediate a Settlement for you.
  3. We can provide you with sound practical advice to deal with the WSIB Adjudicator
  4. We can Appeal WSIB/WCB Decisions by Adjudicators
  5. We can Appeal to the WSIB/WCB Tribunals
Let our proven record of success work for you and reduce WSIB costs and reduce injuries.

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About Advantage Prevention and Claims Management

The Leader in Claim Management and Worker Compensation Services

When it comes to claim management and worker compensation, no other consulting firm can surpass the quality and value of service provided by Advantage Prevention and Claims Management Inc (APCM). With over 25 years of experience, no one is more knowledgeable than APCM’s expert claim management professionals in reducing and managing worker compensation costs.

The hands-on services provided at APCM allows business employers across North America to focus on the daily tasks of operating their business without the hassle and added expense of managing Workers' Compensation costs or Workers' Compensation claim forms.

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Navigating Electrical Code Updates: A Closer Look at the 2024 Canadian Electrical Code
Fri, May-03-24

In an ever-evolving landscape of technology and energy, electrical safety remains paramount. As we embrace renewable energy sources and cutting-edge technologies, regulatory bodies play a pivotal role in shaping and reinforcing electrical codes to meet the demands of our changing world. CSA Group, a respected authority in standards development, recently released the 2024 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code, Part I). For over nine decades, this code has been the cornerstone of electrical safety in Canada, providing guidelines and requirements to mitigate risks associated with electrical installations and systems. 

Key Updates in the 2024 CE Code: 

  1. Energy Storage and Renewable Systems: 
  • The 2024 edition accommodates larger energy storage and renewable energy installations. 
  • Safety measures are enhanced to ensure seamless integration of these systems. 
  1. Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging: 
  • With the surge in electric vehicles, the CE Code clarifies requirements for EV energy management systems. 
  • Efficient charging and prevention of circuit overloads are prioritized. 
  1. Healthcare Facilities: 
  • Revisions address accessibility and safety for occupants. 
  • Panel placement and user-friendly designs are optimized. 
  1. Aquatic Environments: 
  • Stricter safety measures for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. 
  • Proper grounding and bonding practices mitigate electrical hazards
  1. Maintenance Personnel Safety: 
  • Clearer circuit labeling streamlines identification during maintenance. 
  • Safety risks are minimized for those working with electrical systems. 

These changes reflect our increasing reliance on electricity and the need to adapt to emerging trends. The 2024 CE Code, Part I ensures that electrical systems remain resilient, protecting lives and property in our dynamic world1. To explore the full code and stay informed, visit the CSA Group website.

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